Tuesday, August 27, 2019

An essay about busness Strategy from a.Profitability b.Marketing

An about busness Strategy from a.Profitability b.Marketing c.Expected local response - Essay Example Brookside products manufacturers had maintained long working hours developing products that were not going to perceived as good as Fresh Milk Company’s products. Some local consumers thought stopping the manufacturer from developing the products could affect the morale of developing the new product. However, comparing the morale of the product team in relation to the profitability and the market demand, it was not a good idea for introducing the new products that were already inferior to that of the Fresh Milk Company. Brookside wisely stopped working and developing the inferior products and developed new market strategies and the environment to develop new products that outperformed Fresh Milk Company’s products (Caramia & Guerriero, P. 132). The pricing or selling effort strategies would be dealt with effectively when the Brookside company follows an appropriate skimming strategy that seek to be the first company to introduce high quality and good performance products. In addition, the Brookside Company should sell its brands to the market segment innovators that charge a premium price for its products (Tidstrà ¶m & Hagberg-Andersson, P. 340). For this reason, the brand or products would produce as much profit as possible. Nevertheless, the company should move on or change its operative strategies when the competitors arrive since the prices are likely to fall as a result of competition for the available potential and reliable customers. For this regard, the skimming strategy in conjunction with the pricing penetrative strategy would gain a significant market share by undergoing short-term profits in favor of long-term benefits (Thomas & Andrew, P 57). Competitors’ strength and abilities should be dealt with probable response by evaluating and assessing all the competitors influence in the market environment. For the business to succeed effectively, the companies must leverage its mechanisms of producing unique and

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