Thursday, August 29, 2019

Personal Development Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Development Plan - Essay Example is goal is going to develop my skills during the transition period and enable me to make the right career decision by helping me develop intellectual and emotional ability and helping me overcome my anxiety of entering into the professional world from the academic world. The goal is relevant and attainable because I intend to develop my career in a field whereby I’d require confidence and excellent public speaking skills to excel. Thus, I realize that not only do I have to be successful in my academic life but also in my professional career. I have the ambition and conviction to attain it and also have ample time before I enter into my professional life. Part 3) Goal 4: The action I’d take is to book a hall for my presentations at Community Club in my neighborhood by 15th November, 2011. The resources required shall include around $300 for books, another $250 for online classes and Joe, my mentor. These resources shall pinpoint the areas of improvement for me. I might have to collect more pocket money from my parents and earn from a part-time job which is a challenge. If I do well, however, I shall reward myself by hosting an event at my school. Goal 5: The action I’d take is calling the Yoga centre to enroll for the Yoga classes by 13th November. The resources I shall require include a yoga mat costing around $30, $300 for the Yoga classes. I’d do Yoga for 2 hours a day for 6 weeks and I’d also take along my friend Harry for the Yoga. I shall mark my attendance everyday and mark my stress each day on a scale of 10, a higher number indicating higher stress. If I succeed I shall reward myself by buying myself a videotape of the world’s best Yoga experts. Part 4) I developed a PDP where my goals were to create an effective PDP that results in my getting at least 18/20 points of a length of roughly 2 pages using MLA referencing style. The action required was writing a draft and researching on the essentials of a PDP. The resources required were 2-3

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