Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Affordable care act Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Affordable care act - Assignment Example Some of the reasons that led to its failure were technical, and others were political. Political problems came about due to the presidential over-promising as well as radical political opposition that the project faced. The process used to choose companies that were supposed to create a website by the government was faced with fraudulent. This resulted to massive failure of the website that was intended to make it simple to apply and acquire insurance hence the process was not running the way it was supposed for everyone. The website was too slow, and people could get stuck throughout the process of application. The government should have solved this problem by invalidating the list of contractors who had been chosen through a fraudulent process and carry out transparency procurement process.Regardless of the problems officials of federal health proceeded with the designed rollout. The outcome was that the website went down shortly after many people tried to run the process. This fai lure was said to have been caused by the government over-reliance specific contractors for the technology work hence the process producing uninspiring outcomes. However, other people attributed the problem to be poor planning and implementation rather than contractors hired from private companies. In addition, companies that offered insurance services complained that they were getting incomplete information about customers. This led to suggestions that made Obama hire outside experts to try to help in fixing the website tribulations.

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