Sunday, November 3, 2019

Four Centuries of Guitar Masterpiece by Robert Wetzel Essay

Four Centuries of Guitar Masterpiece by Robert Wetzel - Essay Example This was punctuated by some breaks. The concert was conspicuously characterized by the use of the classical guitar. The classical guitar is different from the ordinary guitar in terms of the sound it produces, its weight, size, and material used in making it. The guitars used had six nylon strings, as used in the making f nylon and acoustic guitars. The family of classical guitar that was used was flamenco guitar. It is worth noting that this name is derivative of the modern classical, but what sets them apart are the materials that are employed in making them. The strings are plucked to produce sound and this comes with the advantage that different sounds could be produced by plucking at different positions, as well as in different ways (Julian 34). The guitar player was characterized by alternation. This was arguably purposed at achieving the effect of tremolo, as well as fluent scales of passages. Alternation is whereby the guitar player is restricted from plucking a single string using one finger within one row. The presentation of Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), which included Tombeau sur la Mort de and Cajetan d’Hartig is what could never have gone unnoticed. The presentation was a depiction of a sonata that assumed a single movement, which was in a binary form. Furthermore, it appears the presentation was written either in the pianofortes and harpsichord. The presented gave one the opportunity to have an experience of the harmonic audacity, as far as the use of the discords, as well as the unusual remote key modulations is concerned. There are other distinctive features of the Scarlatti style and these included the influences of the Spanish and the Iberian music styles. What could also be discerned from the Scarlatti's presentation are the dissonances and figurations are suggestive of guitar forms.

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