Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Marketing Principles Strategic Social Marketing

Question: Discuss about theMarketing Principlesfor Strategic Social Marketing. Answer: Introduction The Marketing Mix and the 4Ps of marketing are often implemented as proportionate terminology for either. Really, they are not, as is normally done, a similar term. "Marketing Mix" is a wide-ranging turn of phrase utilized to depict the sorts of variety affiliations need to create in the entire methodology of offering a thing or organization available to be purchased by the general population. A good way to deal with the 4Ps is by the request that a marketing manager needs to demand that describe a marketing mix (Bernard Bitner, 2010). Product To start, this marketing strategy is often the product or service on offer. These products usually come in a variety of colors and the popular label of a tick; therefore, it is what marketing managers use to get the first glance of the customer, before moving on to other features. This looks like a good strategy to use in marketing because the company has been selling lots of running shoes, among others, all over the world (French Ross 2015). Place This strategy is about the question of where a potential customer might stumble upon the product. Therefore, the main question a marketing manager asks himself/herself is on the visibility of product. If it is an online presence, then they should be all the major social media networks and to top it up with an interactive website. The follow up step for a marketing manager to take is on accessibility of the product. Price A potential customer will, obviously be interested in the price of the product and contemplate the damage to his/her wallet, this when a marketer comes in and makes an irresistible offer (Mohammed, 2016). Once a strong perception of the thing offered is developed, marketing chiefs may begin contemplating a few assessing choices. Promotion We have an item (Nike shoes) as well as a price now it is a great opportunity to advance it. Progression plots the various ways marketing associations scatter huge product information to buyers and separate a particular thing. Headway fuses segments like advancing, publicizing, online system marketing, email marketing, web-seek instrument marketing, video marketing; and that is just the tip of the chunk of ice. Recommendation A marketing manager with products to sell, for example Nike shoes, has to know what the customer wants from the product. Moreover, he/she should probe the needs that such shoes fulfill. Nike shoes are often marketed to athletes and other joggers because that is what the product fulfills. Features on such shoes are often a comfortable sole in that it has a sponge inside to absorb the shock. In our example of Nike shoes, there should be a link in the companys website to allow customers to buy the shoes. On the other hand, customers might also walk into any of their many physical outlets and complete their purchases right there. Price judgments for Nike shoes might sway common revenue, demand and supply, in addition to marketing outline. Perhaps near products along with trade names should be set contrastingly in light of fluctuating price points. Every position regarding the promotion of Nike shoes has to be retained through a stellar brand to really help quantifiable benefit. References Bernard H. and Bitner M. J (2010) Marketing Strategies and Organization Structures for Service Firms, Marketing of Services, American Marketing Association: 4751 French J. and Ross G. (2015) Strategic Social Marketing, SAGE Publications Inc., p. 90. Mohammed R. (2016) Using the 4Ps as a generic marketing mix: an exploratory survey of UK and European marketing academics, Marketing Intelligence Planning, 13 (9): 4

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