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Emotional, Educational, Extreme, Exciting The Freedom...

Emotional, educational, extreme, exciting: The Freedom Writers. This movie is packed with tons of elements that keep the viewer interested and intrigued; best of all, it is based on a true story. Every movie has a message that the writers are trying to portray to the viewers. Whether the message is love, justice, sacrifice, escape, etc., each movie is encrypted with actions and words that help explain the message in detail. The Freedom Writers is an excellent film that makes the viewer analyze the message and how it can be applied in today’s world. The strong message from The Freedom Writers can make a large impact on issues such as violence, racism, and the holocaust. One teacher, Erin Gruwell, shows her challenged students how to take their everyday challenges and use them to better themselves and their community. This teacher has such an impact on her student’s lives. They eventually write a book with an assortment of letters composed by students’ diaries, speaking on their struggles of the past, present, and future. Mrs. Gruwell merges the letters into something beautiful, The Freedom Writers. This story not only touches the heart but also has many elements that can be applied in today’s world. Violence is a main theme in the movie and is a strong problem in a lot of the country today. With some of the aspects taught in The Freedom Writers, our world can find a stop to violence as a whole. Racism is a huge problem addressed in the movie. There are many stereotypes andShow MoreRelatedEducator in a Pastoral Role4826 Words   |  20 Pagesa family’s disposable income which takes away the pressure from a man to a certai n extent. However, a man is still seen as the stronger figure, especially by children. Having not had a solid father figure for most of her life Tina would, in this writers view, have been ecstatic to have this figure in her life. Also having a step-brother would have been a blessing for her as she would have someone to turn to other than her parents if she was encountering any social pressures and needed any adviceRead MoreCuriosity : Its Value And Application For Creating Engagement6382 Words   |  26 Pageswhich is the joy of discovery. Hunicke (2001) and colleagues were some of the first to begin establishing a comprehensive framework to help understand games called Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics (MDA). Aesthetics are described as the desired emotional responses the game developer designs for, and aims to foster. One aesthetic discussed is that of discovery, the uncovering of the new and mysterious. The importance, and worth of this sequence of sparking curiosity, to explo ration, to the joy ofRead MoreEssay about Phd Comprehensive Exam. in Leadership15004 Words   |  61 Pagesdesigns that were sequential than concurrent† (Collins, Onwuegbuzie, Jiao, 2006). Methodologies of Military Leadership Research The study of military leadership represents a unique set of challenges when compared to studying corporate or educational leadership. Because of the truly deadly nature of their business, the autocratic hierarchical organizational nature, and the contractual nature of the employment sociological studies of military leadership pose special challenges. Driven by theRead MoreANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 Pagesconflict (if they have not already been introduced by the exposition). The conflict is then developed gradually and intensified. CRISIS: The crisis (also referred to as the climax) is that moment at which the plot reaches its point of greatest emotional intensity; it is the turning point of the plot, directly precipitating its resolution. FALLING ACTION: Once the crisis has been reached, the tension subsides and the plot moves toward its appointed conclusion. RESOLUTION: The final section ofRead MorePeculiarities of Euphemisms in English and Difficulties in Their Translation19488 Words   |  78 Pagespublic opinion and by a growing shamefacedness, to employing the sole terms. The same thing would apply to obscenities, which, after that all, represent merely the polar counterparts of euphemisms. But let us pass from speculation to fact. Three writers have written pertinently and clearly and suggestively on the subject: Professors I.Allen, Umberto Eco, and Professor V.Zegarac. I.Allen pointed out that, contrary to rather general impression, one of the most distinctive features of sophisticatedRead MoreEnlightment of Education in Pygmalion and Educating Rita9449 Words   |  38 Pagesin below | | |subsistence level and could not afford an adequate diet. | | |The main cause of poverty was low wages. The main cause of extreme poverty was the loss| | |of the main breadwinner. If father was dead, ill or unemployed it was a disaster. | | |Mother might get a job but women were paid much lowerRead MorePlenary Session69346 Words   |  278 Pagesmore having things: a. Incomplete b. Completed 15. In your social groups do you: a. Keep abreast of other’s happenings b. Get behind on the news 16. In doing ordinary things are you more likely to: a. Do it the usual way b. Do it your own way 17. Writers should: a. â€Å"Say what they mean and mean what they say† b. Express things more by use of analogy 18. Which appeals to you more: a. Consistency of thought b. Harmonious human relationships 19. Are you more comfortable in making: a. Logical judgmentsRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesdecades Organization Theory has become increasingly diverse in terms of the perspectives that writers use to study and understand organizations. These perspectives provide, in their different ways, profound challenges to the ways in which we live in and design organiz ations. They pose important challenges to organization members about issues such as: †¢ The relationship between organization control and freedom. †¢ The nature of power and authority in organizations. †¢ The relationship between individualismRead MoreEntrepreneurship Process and Principles15897 Words   |  64 Pagesproduct. Yet the statistics of entrepreneurial failure rates have been misleading over the years. In fact, one researcher, Bruce A Kirchofff, has reported that the high failure rate most commonly accepted may be misleading. Myth10: Entrepreneurs are Extreme Risk Takers( Gamblers) The public perception of the risk assumed by most entrepreneurs is distorted. While it mat appears that an entrepreneur is â€Å"gambling† or wild chance, the fact is that the entrepreneur is usually working on a moderate or â€Å"calculated†Read MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pageswho come from a disadvantaged background. But stories of whatever sort must of course be made relevant to the hope of studying for a Ph.D.â€â€" (―Preparing Your Statement of Purpose Personal Statementâ€â€"). ï‚ · Note: According to Robert M. Brown, writers of successful psychology personal statements—and this probably holds true for science essays as well—include an autobiographical reference early in the essay and then reframe the experiential anecdote in terms of a scientific question and plan of

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