Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Final - Essay Example Berkeley looks critically at the notions of having to tell what an object is by looking at its physical appearance and sees it as a way in which we can variably state the existence of an object. Idealism is spread through notions of using common sense to distinguish between perceived objects and the apprehended ones. Thus, the best way to deal with notions of objectivity is by feeling the object either by touch or by the sense of comprehension. The fainter it is the more a person uses the senses of apprehension to get its full understand. The bigger it is, the more one uses touch to identify the nature of the object. He further talks about allusion that external ideas are composed of ideas that tend to show their impact on the way we deal with them. I agree with his idea since we either visualize or apprehend what is seen. There is a need to look at everything objectively in order to check on the possibility of having new ideas on objects we formed suggestions on and get them figured as they are supposed to be. Humes on the other hand brings about the idea of having a close relationship with what one is experiencing to prove that there is nothing as important as having the ability to use ones impressions, experience, ideas and sensations as away of identifying what is existent and what is non-existent. He relies on the use of criticism and reality on proving his critics wrong. He supports his notions using counter-criticisms as a means of winning souls and mind with the same thinking strategy as his. He uses metaphysics as a sign of explaining why he believes in one thing and detests the rest but does not fully explain what is meant by having him resolve the causes and their effects in the real world (Peter, 2006). He is similar to Berkeley and some earlier philosophers in the way he talks of relating what one sees with the impressions created by the mind.

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