Saturday, October 12, 2019

Jesus of Nazareth Essay -- Christianity

One of the most controversial figures of history, Jesus of Nazareth is also one of the most influential. His short life and ministry sparked the beginning of a new religion that has grown to be one of the biggest in the world today, and has been the subject of intense debate among scholars and the population in general for centuries now. Some groups, such as the Jesus Seminar, assert that the historical Jesus did not say or do most of the things attested to Him in the New Testament, while more conservative scholars believe that most, if not all of the statements and actions in the New Testament were factual. Still others, such as Rudolf Bultmann, believe that it does not matter if Jesus were historical or not – one can still have faith apart from history. Some people believe that Jesus was a real person, but He was not the Messiah for which the Jewish people were waiting. Rather, He was simply a good person and a good teacher who was killed unjustly. Many others have based the ir faith and even their life on Jesus’ teachings and call Him Lord, among them C.S. Lewis, who went on to further suggest that you cannot call Jesus a good teacher and be done with it. According to Lewis’ trilemma, because Jesus claimed to be God, then He must either be God, be crazy, or be a liar (Lewis 51). Before forming an opinion on the person of Jesus, however, it is essential to examine the documents related to His life and what they say about Him, as well as His teachings and mission. There is too much debate surrounding the person of Jesus to find a consesus among scholars with which one can agree – it is an opinion that must be formed on one’s own. Our primary source for learning about the person of Jesus is the Bible, which includes both the Old ... Jesus’ divinity is widely debated, one cannot deny the fact that Jesus of Nazareth existed. Many sources, biblical and extra-biblical, mention this historical figure and discuss His life and His teaching. Every person who hears about Jesus must ultimately make a decision about who He actually was, and that decision could be a life changing one. Regardless of what one thinks about Jesus, He was certainly a high influential individual who changed the course of history, and His ideas are still relevant today. Carver, Stephen. â€Å"Sources for Studying Jesus.† BI 250. Warner Pacific College, Portland. 7 Oct. 2010. Lecture. —. â€Å"The Historical Background of Jesus’ Life.† BI 250. Warner Pacific College, Portland. 16 Sept. 2010. Lecture. The ESV Study Bible. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles, 2008. Print. Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity. New York: Macmillan, 1952. Print.

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