Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pen-3 Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pen-3 Model - Essay Example PEN 3 Model Culture is defined as a set of beliefs, behaviors, objects and others that are common to a group of people (Schaefer, 2009). Cultural aspects also include religion, language, values, laws, norms and the like. It is learned by the people by imitating the elders and/or enforcement by means of stigma and praises inside the society. Because of this, it is logical to say that culture can also affect health, as the health of an individual is also affected by culture and in turn also affects the health of the society. The health of the society is vital and it should be assessed regularly to monitor the needs of the people. A healthy population is a healthy civilization. Some diseases, like AIDS, are spread because of behavior. AIDS is transmitted by having unprotected sex or by using soiled needles contaminated by the HIV in medical procedures. These are all controllable and the spread can actually be contained when the people can just adjust their behavior. Behavior, like promi scuity, is an aspect of culture. Therefore, a disease that is spread by culture can also be corrected by culture. The sub-Saharan territory in Africa has the largest population of people with AIDS. The adult prevalence of AIDS in the 2005 was at 5.0% and it continues to grow (UNAIDS).

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