Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Central or European youth group and another youth group with Research Paper

Central or European youth group and another youth group with subculture similarities - Research Paper Example There is no wonder therefore that issues of subcultures are most popular with the youth and various youth groups. Through the research, it was actually established that the act of adapting to a particular subculture is actually something that is not the reserve of any particular origination of youth group but that it cuts across almost al parts of the world (Tschopik, 2001). To this end, with any part of the world that a person finds him or herself, there is likely to be some kind of subculture practiced and adhered to. One other peculiar feature of these youth group based subcultures is that they keep changing with time. In the first part of the report, the Mod subculture shall briefly be compared and contrasted to the Ted subculture; all of England. Further on, the Mod subculture shall be compared and contrasted to three other youth groups from other parts of the world including Latin America and Africa. There are three major similarities between the Mod and Ted. First, it was discovered that the two youth groups have a similar origination. Critical research reveals that it is a common thing that whenever one youth group springs up, in a particular country or area of the world, there is the tendency that there will be opposition youth groups to these youth groups (Worn, 1951). For this reason, it is common to find two or more youth groups springing up from just one location. In this case, the two sprang up from England. The second similarity is that the two youth groups came around just at the same time and this was in the 1950s. The same reason why the two groups originated from the same place still holds valid for why just around the same time, there were two different youth groups forming two different subcultures. The final similarity among these two youth groups has to do with the kind of activities they involved themselves in. the research actually reveals that both groups wer e very much into music and fashion. Yet

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