Monday, September 30, 2019

Sex and Death in LA

Wait, people won't believe she tried killing herself, what if I say she fell off her commode and blame someone else. I picked Miss Jenkins up from the floor and laid her on the couch, I put some clothes on her because she enjoyed sleeping half naked. I took the beer she had opened and grabbed the half empty bottle of sleeping pills and placed them on the table right next to Miss Jenkins. I grabbed Buffy's rhinestone leash and headed out with my precious Lhasa apso dog. As soon as I was walking out the building, I saw the doorman and remembered I had to tell im about Miss Jenkins. â€Å"Doorman.I need you to run upstairs to my apartment and call a doctor. † â€Å"Why? What's the matter? † he said. â€Å"Miss Jenkins fell off her commode and is in serious pain. She needs a doctor right away. † â€Å"Okay I'll call a doctor and I'll tell him to check up on her. † â€Å"Fine, I will be back in a few, I need to walk my dog. And do not steal anything from my ap artment. † I said. While walking with Buffy, I couldn't help but to be happy, things will get better between the two of us. We'll be happy again, and all the fighting will stop. I was so appy, I ended the walk with Buffy short, to go make sure the doorman had called the doctor.As I walked towards the building I noticed he wasn't in the front where he usually stands. He must be upstairs with the doctor now. As soon as I walked into my apartment, I saw another person leaning over Miss Jenkins. I assumed I was being robbed by the doorman and this stranger, IVe never seen before. I quickly questioned the stranger what was he doing here. He didn't look like a doctor, he seemed too young to be a doctor. The doorman reassured me he was a neighbor of mine and was also a doctor. I questioned if he was a doctor like he says, why isn't he helping her?I saw him reach over Miss Jenkins and hurt Buffy, I began to scream, mfou bastard! You bastard! Hurting a poor, innocent dog! † I sta rted kicking him, he nurt my baby. I heard a loud knock on the door, I began screaming again mfou robbed me, you robbed me! † Whoever was knocking on the door, told us to stand clear of the door, they were coming through. â€Å"Shit, Cops! † screamed the doorman â€Å"So? † said the doctor â€Å"I'm carrying! † â€Å"Aha, I knew it! † I said as I was opening the door to see a fireman with his ax upraised. He was trying to hack down my door.

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