Monday, September 23, 2019

Did Marx think that capitalism is unjust Dissertation

Did Marx think that capitalism is unjust - Dissertation Example It also includes a small conclusion depicting the final result of the dissertation and the entire essay is referenced vividly with varied books and journals and online sources. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1. Introduction 4 1.1 Background 4 1.2 Scope and Objective 5 1.3 Methodology 5 2. Literature Reviews 5 2.1 Authors Who Denied Marx, Condemned Capitalism as Unjust 5 2.2 Authors Who Admitted With Marx, Condemned Capitalism as Unjust 7 3. Discussion 9 4. Results 10 5. Recommendations 10 6. Conclusions 11 References: 13 Bibliography 15 1. Introduction 1.1 Background This essay mainly highlights the detailed facts of a fast-growing sector describing about the current literatures on Karl Marx and the controversies that fuelled its growth. Mainly during the last decade of 20th century, there arose a keen interest over moral and political philosophy highlighting the concept of justice that marked its presence over the philosophical discussions of Marx’s works. Such discussions took the shape of a criticism describing, whether Marx denounce capitalism as unjust or not? Varied types of opinions came into limelight discussing such topic in which some argued actively against such discussions and many of them equally admitted that he did — for the benefit of the labours or workers. ... Here, the views of Max are also presented in brief. Third part includes the results, conclusions, and recommendations in support of them. Apart from this, to prevent varied types of misunderstanding, the views and theories of Marx and other authors has been analysed in order to evaluate the results stating whether it is just or unjust for labours. Only then, a clear cut picture or view can be attained and judged whether it is appropriate or unjust for the workers or labours engaged in performing varied types of works within an organization. 1.2 Scope and Objective The prime scope and objective of this dissertation is to evaluate whether capitalism is just or unjust for the labours or workers. The results of this statement might be analyzed with the help of varied types of literature reviews and statements of the authors. 1.3 Methodology The methodology of this dissertation is entirely based on the literature reviews of varied authors. It is an entirely theoretical approach in which v aried types of texts and theories of the books of the libraries are highlighted to describe the statement of the dissertation. After analyzing the reviews and theories in a vivid way, the results and recommendation are presented. Due to which, it may be stated that this dissertation is entirely qualitative in nature. 2. Literature Reviews 2.1 Authors Who Denied Marx, Condemned Capitalism as Unjust According to Brass & et. al. (2004) capitalism is surely a good decision presenting fair wages to the workers or labours. They described that the amount of wage is calculated entirely on the basis of work done or the hours spend in performing that specific

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