Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Exemplification Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Exemplification Assignment - Essay Example Villagers were also jealous to him. One day it so happened that the horse was missing from its place. Villagers reminded him that how he missed a big fortune that he could have amassed from the king. Without horse now he had turned a pauper that was what villagers called him. It was a big misfortune in the eyes of villagers. The farmer accepted the fact that he had certainly lost the horse and that was all. Nothing could be made out of the event that whether he had gone pauper or not. A week had gone by then and suddenly one day the horse returned. In fact, he was simply lost in the woods on his own. This time he came with a battalion of many more horses. Villagers commented, "You have struck even a bigger fortune; now you can sell these horses and garner even a larger sum from the king†. Again, the farmer reminded him about the uncertainty. "No one knows what is going to happen". One day, while riding one of the horses that had come from the woods, his young and only son got h is ankle fractured. All villagers gathered and commented, "what a misfortune; your son is the only support in your old age and the whole life your son will now live a miserable life. This pet horse of yours has brought a biggest misfortune for you. Had he not gone in the woods and brought more wild horses with him perhaps, your son would not have suffered from this casualty". On this, the farmer reminded them, â€Å"Life is so uncertain that to form any views is not wisdom†. It so happened that after a few days, a king from neighborhood attacked on the farmer’s country. The king that ruled the farmer’s village was not fully equipped so he ordered all young boys between age 18 and 25 to join the army immediately. The king’s men visited farmer’s home to take his son along with many other young boys from the village. Having seen that the farmer’s son had broken his ankle and he was of no use to them they spared him. His son was saved off from g oing to the war. The villagers again gathered and told the farmer, â€Å"Your pet horse has been really fortunate to you. It is because of the horse that your son has been let off to go to the war while each one of us has been forced to send our sons to the battle field and we don’t know what would happen to them whether they would come back alive or not†. The moral of the story is that life is full of uncertainties and people continue to toss between fortune and misfortune, good and bad throughout their life. The uncertainty principle is not limited to one's life; in fact, it applies to all natural events too. That is what known as Chaos theory that speaks about extreme complexities in nature. The chaos theory is based on the premise that very simple system or events can give birth to very complex behaviors or events (Chaos Theory for Beginners). Even quantum mechanics encompasses the principle of uncertainty while discussing the momentum or position of a particle â⠂¬â€œ the more accurately the position of a particle is earmarked, the less precisely one can indicate about its position. In simple terms, it means that uncertainty is now an accepted way of life in the realms of science too (The uncertainty Principle). Conclusion I strongly agree with Benjamin’s above aphorism that how our life will progress is entirely uncertain. That understanding gives me inner strength to accept the good and bad

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