Thursday, September 26, 2019


WHAT ARE THE IMPACT OF LONG TERM UNMPLOYENT ON WOMENS MENTAL HEALTH - Essay Example During the course of study they found that women who were unemployed for more than five months; which is consider long term unemployment period showed higher depressive symptoms (Bruce P. Dohrenwend, 1998). In this regard Jahoda’s Deprivation Theory of Unemployment has played a significant role in recognizing the impacts of unemployment on women’s mental health. The theory states that class, age (Stephen Edgell, 2012) and social setup (Torild Hammer, 2003) are dominant factors of poor mental conditions of women in post unemployment period. Women are more susceptible to stress, depression and other mental health issues due to unemployment (Susan G. Kornstein, Anita H. Clayton, 2004). However, recent researches have indicated that women can cope up with the stress more quickly than men (Sarah E. Romans, Mary Violette Seeman, 2006). The aim of this study is to identify the variables through which women can easily deal with post unemployment situations and health issues. The target population is the unemployed women who have failed to get employment in the last five months. In addition to employed women who are working from last five months. The sample size is calculated to be 50 as it would be convenient to collect data from small yet diverse group of individuals. Questionnaires are found to be more suitable for this research than personal interviews. It will be an individual project and would be carried out under the supervision of course coordinator. It shall be done in two stages; in the first stage filtration of the target population will be done and in the second stage actual research will be conducted. Random sampling procedures will be used for population sample. All the participants will have equal opportunity of being chosen; no biasness shall be considered. Participants shall be rewarded with the token

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